7 elder care gifts to give this holiday season

7 elder care gifts to give this holiday season

7 elder care gifts to give this holiday seasonBesides spending time with elderly loved ones this holiday season, the best gift that you can give is often one that is practical. There are a number of gifts to be found that are sometimes fun and can make elder care less difficult.

Pens for arthritic hands 

Arthritis can be a terrible and painful burden for an elderly loved one. It can make everyday tasks that were easily done prior to arthritis almost unbearable to perform. There are a number of devices that can improve these tasks, but here’s one that makes a great stocking stuffer: arthritic pens (a number of styles are available). Next year’s holiday cards should be easier to manage.

Swivel Seat for Seniors

Make sure your elderly loved one is safe to drive if they are behind the wheel. Keep in mind that as a person ages flexibility is diminished by muscle atrophy, making it more difficult to navigate out of a seated position, particularly when that seated position is in a confined space. For some, a Swivel Seat for Seniors can make getting out of vehicles a little less bothersome.

Cameo pillbox

Some get embarrassed about taking the many pills that may become necessary as we age. But it’s important to take prescribed medication and to have that medication with your parent or grandparent if they are outside of the home. Carrying a pillbox can seem clunky, but products like a cameo pillbox can add some style to the functionality of traditional pillboxes. A cameo pillbox almost seems like a fashion accessory and can make being mobile with medications less of a chore.

Board games, including “Vintage Trivial Pursuit”

Board games can provide socialization and enjoyment for seniors. Games such as “Trivial Pursuit” can challenge and keep the mind sharp. To add a touch of nostalgia, consider giving “Vintage Trivial Pursuit.” January Jones trivia may fly past your elderly mother. She may, however, give you a run for your money on knowledge of Grace Kelly.

Photo dialers

Photo dialers can be useful for those with memory problems. A photo dialer simplifies the process of using a telephone by eliminating the need to push multiple buttons. Each button on the phone is set to speed dial a particular person that is labeled on the button with a photo. This way the user can call without having to look for or remember phone numbers.

Handybar for exiting vehicles

By using an already-existing striker plate located in the car doorframe as a simple insertion point, the Handybar creates an instant, easy-to-operate “support arm” for exiting the vehicle.

Walker art

So this one isn’t exactly practical, but it’s fun. And it can make using a walker a little less drab. Like a Cameo Pill ox, walker art makes using a functional item more stylish. Walkers are important in preventing debilitating falls for seniors with balance problems, so make it easier for your loved one to remember to use it.

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