Real Stories: Driving miles for care

Real Stories: Driving miles for care

Real Stories: Driving miles for careTodays post features a real-life story of how Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living
helped a person and their loved ones through a tough decision-making process, ensuring each persons individual care needs were met. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

Grace’s husband experienced frontal lobe atrophy and was too violent to stay with his family. Grace found an assisted living facility in Omaha, Nebraska that could best handle his care, but there were other difficulties to overcome and Grace turned to Physician Choice Private Duty for help.

How did Physician Choice Private Duty help you and your family?

Grace: We placed my husband at an assisted living facility in Omaha. He had frontal lobe atrophy and was very difficult. The manager there at the assisted living facility recommended Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living. My two daughters and I went to visit. For about an hour, we discussed our needs and they discussed the things that they could provide for us.

We decided to let them assist with a driver to take my husband places that he wanted to go with our approval. So we made out a list of places that he could go. We had certain boundaries that he couldn’t go beyond, and they had to teach him that he had to call ahead of time. He couldn’t just call up in the morning and say, “I want you here in the next fifteen minutes,” or even that day. And that took some doing, but they were very patient with him.

Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living was so good with him. Just really very good with him.

He was still in the assisted living in Omaha and I live in a town many miles away. My two daughters also live long-distance, but we absolutely could not take him into our homes because of his violence.

The Physicians’ Choice  drivers would go to his assisted living facility to take him places. They even took him to square dances where the driver would stay and be sure to get him back to the assisted living. Very often he would want to go as far as a small town an hour away for a haircut and then stop to eat on the way back to Omaha. They were so good to stay with him and keep him within the boundaries we had set.

What was one of the more stressful aspects of family caregiving before you sought out Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living?

Grace: Well before Physician Choice Private Duty was hired to take him places, he was hiring taxis and that was getting extremely expensive.We didn’t have any idea where he was going and when he was going to show up. The drivers at Physicians’ Choice were able to set limits for him whereas the taxi drivers had no idea. He really didn’t have any control, so to speak, over the things he wanted to do and knowing right from wrong. So the Physicians’ Choice drivers were also able to keep him guided in doing the right thing.

How was working with Physician Choice Private Duty long-distance?

Grace: It worked very well for me. They would always let me know if there was something that took place that they thought I should know about. They were excellent. I don’t know how we ever would have managed without them.


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