How to Rebuild Emotionally After the Elderly Parent You Cared for Dies

The loss of a parent is never easy. Even if the death was expected, when it actually happens, the grief can be overwhelming. If you were your parent’s caregiver, however, those feelings can seem unsurmountable.

Once the mantle of caregiver is set aside, how can caregivers reclaim their sense of self? Rebuilding Your Life After Caring, an published by the Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation, offers some suggestions for coping with the grief that comes in such situations.

These suggestions include:

  1. Using rituals as a tool to help cope with grief
  2. Allowing yourself to feel whatever you need to feel
  3. Taking time-outs from the sadness
  4. Seeking professional help

When a parent you have cared for dies, you are likely to feel a wide range of emotions. If you have spent a great deal of your time involved in the day-to-day care and support of your parent, that loss is compounded by a feeling of no longer being needed.

Finding healing after the death of a parent who you have cared for is never easy but there are ways for you to cope and to rediscover your sense of self.

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