Transitioning a Parent to Assisted Living? Here’s How to Make It Easier on Everyone

Transitioning a Parent to Assisted Living

Very few seniors will say that they look forward to moving into an assisted living facility. However, that doesn’t mean that moving a parent out of their home and into assisted living has to be a traumatic event.

As with most things in life, communication is the key. Talking to your parent before the need to relocate them will go a long way toward making the move less stressful on everyone. It’s a difficult conversation but is easier when tackled early.

A Reader’s Digest article, 10 Ways to Help Elderly Parents Transition to Assisted Living, offers some helpful tips for adult children going through this process. Here are just some of the tips contained in the article:

  1. Keep your parent involved
  2. Help with downsizing
  3. Make it a home
  4. Expect an adjustment period
  5. Don’t be a helicopter kid

Physicians Choice Private Duty is committed to helping the elderly stay in their homes as long as possible. However, we also understand the importance of getting seniors the care they need. If you are an adult child grappling with whether it is time to transition your loved one to assisted living, we can help. Call Physician’s Choice Private Duty at 402-331-2273 to learn more about your options.