How to Make the Move to Assisted Living Easier on Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Moving an elderly parent to an assisted living facility can be difficult even if that parent is in favor of the move. If a parent is resistant, it can become almost unbearable for everyone involved. The key in such cases is to give everyone time to settle into the new normal. Experts on aging say that this process can take up to six months.

Easing the Transition to Assisted Living or a Nursing

Assisted Living

Speaking to an elderly loved one about moving into assisted living can be a difficult-but necessary-conversation. The key is to make sure you do more than talk, you need to listen, as well.

Seniors need help, patience when moving to assisted living

Assisted Living

Your parent will require a lot when it comes time to move to an assisted living facility. Two of the most important things you can offer is help and patience.

Moving Your Parent To Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Choosing an assisted living facility for an elderly parent or loved one can be overwhelming. Knowing what questions to ask can make it a whole lot easier.