What will happen when your parents can no longer take care of themselves?


Conventional wisdom is that most people put off getting their affairs in order because it is a hard subject to talk about. This means adult children will have a difficult time when they need to take over the care of their parents. Read more

Caring for an Aging Parent without Going Broke


Most adult children would like nothing better than to care for their aging parents. After all, these are the people who raised them and worked hard to give them the best lives possible.Most adult children would like nothing better than to care for their aging parents. After all, these are the people who raised them and worked hard to give them the best lives possible.

The reality is, however, that many adult children are understandably concerned about taking on the financial responsibility that comes with caring for their parents. Medicare generally doesn’t cover long-term stays in a nursing home and even if a family has Medigap, private health insurance won’t cover many expenses. Read more

The Cost of Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home

Financially supporting your parents

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The most common questions we get at Physician’s Choice Private Duty are around cost. Specifically, if our parents want to stay at home in their later years, how can we afford to make it happen? For your reference, here are some atrticles on how to pay for keeping a parent at home.

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It is only natural that adult children would want to do what is best for their aging parents. After all, their parents raised them and worked hard to give them the best life possible.

In light of this fact, many adult children are taken off guard when their parents react negatively to any talk of providing them with assistance as they age. And instead of thanking their children, these parents instead seem insulted at the idea that they would need to be taken care of. Read more

What to Do When an Aging Parent Won’t Listen


This month we’re focused on the communication challenges that happen when an adult child tries to help a parent. It’s a real issue and since most of us only get to have these conversations once or twice, it’s hard to develop any expertise on your own. Use these resources to learn more and if you still have questions, call and talk to us. We’ve helped hundreds of families in Omaha and we might be able to help.  Read more


Convincing an aging parent that it is time for them to stop driving is never an easy thing for an adult child to do. Unfortunately, it’s a conversation that most people will have to have at one time or another.

So why is it so difficult? The truth is, giving up the keys to the car is less about transportation issues for an aging parent and more about coming to grips with the loss of independence. Trips to the doctor’s office, grocery store, church or a friend’s house will now require assistance. And even if you are more than willing to drive your parent everywhere they need to go, the realization that they are now dependent on someone else to get around can be devastating. Read more

What Do I Do If I Live in Omaha and My Parent is Resistant to Giving Up the Car Keys?


Omaha, Nebraska is blessed to have a Center for Successful Aging at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They have a wealth of resources available including a nice article addressing the question, what do I do if my parent is resistant to giving up the car keys? What resources do I have in the Omaha area?

The Impaired Older Driver: When And How Families Should Intervene

As our director said when we asked her about the topic, “As soon as the adult children notice problematic driving practices, they should address them with their parent. Don’t wait until the day before taking the license away to tell the parent the plans. The more time the parent has to think about what is going to happen–the better. Remember they are losing a main source of independence. Be patient, kind, and understanding!” Read more

Taking the Car Away From an Elderly Parent


Talking to an elderly parent about giving up the car keys can be very traumatic for both the parent and the adult child. Parents see losing their ability to drive as losing their independence and adult children wonder if they are doing the right thing. They also worry about how the conversation will go.

Many parents become depressed or combative when they are faced with the prospect of no longer driving. The way a child broaches the subject can make a huge difference in how a parent reacts.

Most articles on this subject talk about the dangers of elderly driving and how a family must be firm about taking the keys away. Some examples are below:

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CNA, LPN, RN: Who Will Best Care for My Elderly Parent?


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Making the decision to hire in-home care for an elderly parent can be overwhelming. No matter how sure you are that you have made the right decision to keep your loved one at home, there are still a number of unknowns.

One of the most common questions family members grapple with is the level of care their loved one requires. Further complicating matters is the fact that there are so many options available today. These options range from certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to registered nurses (RNs). In some cases, there also will be occupational or physical therapists in and out of the home. Read more

Home Care Options Explained

Cargiver in home

There are several options available to those who have an elderly parent being cared for at home. You can find a list of resources that will help explain the language that caregivers use when designing an in home care program. One article in particular is worth digging into further.

Home Care Options Explained: 10 Best Resources for In-Home Care Help from Caring.com:

https://www.caring.com/articles/10-best-resources-for-in-home-care-help Read more