The Cost of Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home

Financially supporting your parents

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The most common questions we get at Physician’s Choice Private Duty are around cost. Specifically, if our parents want to stay at home in their later years, how can we afford to make it happen? For your reference, here are some atrticles on how to pay for keeping a parent at home.

Financially supporting your parents

What to Do if Your Aging Parents Are Going Broke
This article talks about the financial strain of caring for aging parents who need care but do not have the money to pay for that care.

6 costs to expect when caring for aging parents 
Straightforward list of what costs you can expect to incur when caring for your parents, even if those parents move in with you.

hidden_costs_keeping parent at home

How to take care of aging parents and yourself
The long-term effects of caring for an aging parent, especially on women. Notes that when it comes to children take care of their aging parents, daughters are more likely than sons to take the lead.

paying for parents to stay at home

Taking Care of Your Aging Parents? It’s Going to Cost You 
Another pretty straightforward article on the cost of taking care of aging parents.

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