How is technology allowing seniors to age in place?

House with man and woman and Life Saving Devices

Conventional wisdom is that seniors are unable to stay at home after a certain point because it is too dangerous. Most articles agree that technology is helping seniors stay at home—even by themselves—for a great deal longer than ever before. At Physician’s Choice, we think that just because your parent is living alone, doesn’t mean you have to leave that parent on their own.

Here are some articles we’ve found helpful on the subject.

House with man and woman and Life Saving Devices

New Technology Could Allow You or Your Parents to Age at Home

The AARP gives us an overview of the many products available to outfit a smart home for older adults.

MSU tecnology for seniors at home

New Technology May Help Elderly Stay in Their Homes

This article from Michigan State University talks about the importance of respecting a parent’s privacy while still keeping them safe.

aifloo seniors at home longer technology

Aifloo, a Swedish startup that sells a ‘smart wristband’ to help care for the elderly, raises €5.1M

Interesting note on a Swedish company that is pioneering a less intrusive smart wrist brand for the elderly. We tested a similar technology and dealt with rashes on client’s tender skin, but if that’s manageable, we’re excited to try again.


Smart Home Tech That Will Make Life Better for the Elderly

In this article from The Doctor Weighs In, we get to hear from doctors listing the technologies they think are important to keep seniors safe at home.

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