Questions To Ask A Home Health Care Agency Before Hiring Them:

Have you ever had the experience of buying a product or service only to realize later that there were questions you wish you knew to ask up front? One of the advantages I have is that I’ve been through this process multiple times over the years and I’ve put together a list of questions you can use to have a shot at eliminating “buyers remorse.”

Who do you send for the initial in-home assessment?

Is it a skilled nurse? Is there a social worker?

Is this a free service? Will you be trying to sell me your services or simply recommending what I need?

How do you make sure your caregivers are nice, trustworthy and that I’ll be safe?

Do you screen your caregivers?

Does your agency conduct statewide police checks?

Is your agency bonded?

How much experience does your average caregiver have?

Does your agency hire experienced caregivers?

What sorts of tests do your employees have to take?

Do you have health and skills testing?

Did they mention Caregiver Code of Conduct™?

What happens if your caregiver doesn’t show up to my home?

Do you have a system for handling caregivers who don’t show up?

Who supervises your caregivers and how do you know they are doing their job?

Are the caregivers supervised?

How do you keep the family informed about what goes on during the day?

Does your agency have a policy for keeping the lines of communication open?

How do your hours and overtime work?

Will your agency accommodate the hours I need?

Does your agency take responsibility for overtime hours that I did not schedule?

What type of services do you provide?

What if I need skilled nursing or therapy?

When are your caregivers available?

Do you have around the clock availability?

Who handles unemployment, Workers Comp and other taxes?

Are you the employer?

All the above questions are very important to have answered before moving forward with a home health care agency.

Feel free to contact me and learn some of the stories behind these questions. My office number is 402-991-7399.

Because good decisions result from good information, this guide was created to help you evaluate home care agencies and make the best choice the first time. Please take 10 minutes to review the important elements that make up a good home care agency.


It is important that your initial in-home assessment is provided by a registered nurse and social worker – this
insures your medical issues, personal needs and desires are communicated by a professional.


When you hire a professional home care agency, you expect to receive quality care provided by a compassionate, empathetic and caring person. The real question; how do you make sure this will occur? Physicians Choice Private Duty screens caregivers for experience, skill and personality. To ensure caregivers are reliable and honest, extensive background checks, including statewide police checks, are performed on all new hires and we are insured and bonded. ESS also mandates drug screening upon hire and whenever there is a potential issue.


The very best agencies hire only experienced caregivers. To make sure your needs are met, Physicians Choice Private Duty recruits caregivers who have experience and are seasoned in attending to the needs of care recipients.


A good home care agency will test employees to assure their personal health, skills and capability. Standard testing for all Physicians Choice Private Duty employees includes competency testing, TB tests, pre-employment skills testing, and random drug testing.


Insist on an agency that incorporates training that focuses on core values such as attitude, character and respect. Caregiver Code of Conduct™ is a training and certification program developed to enhance caregivers’ skills in areas of social and client interaction. Physicians Choice Private Duty is proud to offer this training to their staff.


One of the most common problems that people have with the average home care agency is that the caregivers don’t show up. Choose an agency that has a system to handle the caregivers who cannot fill their shift. We pay bonuses for perfect guarantee all shifts. The state average is 78% of shifts being filled. Physicians Choice Private Duty staffs at 100%.


A good home care agency will provide field nurse supervisors who perform unscheduled supervision visits to help make sure that you are receiving the best care possible. The field nurse supervisor visit is also a good time to communicate any concerns you may find uncomfortable discussing with your caregiver. (If you prefer not to receive unscheduled supervision visits, be sure to tell the agency.)


For peace of mind you need an agency that has a process to keep you informed. Physicians Choice Private Duty’ caregivers keep careful notes of each visit in your home to provide a quick snapshot of their activities and are always available for review. Our staff is also trained to alert family members regarding any changes or concerns regarding the client, in addition to responding to clients’ or family members’ concerns.


Make sure the agency you hire will modify the schedule of your service — without financial penalty. Also ask about their overtime policy. Some agencies charge you time-and-a-half for any aide that is scheduled over 40 hours. Unless you specifically request additional hours from a caregiver that is already scheduled 40 hours for that week, the agency should be responsible for any overtime pay.


Everyone’s needs are different. Choose a homecare agency that can provide services for all your personal and unique needs. Physicians Choice Private Duty provides all levels of service from errands, shopping, light housekeeping to hygiene assistance, medication reminders, skilled nursing services, therapy and more.


The time of day you need assistance can vary from the middle of the night to very early in the morning, so make sure the agency can accommodate you any hour you need them. Physicians Choice Private Duty is available, mornings, nights, weekends, holidays, temporary or long term.


There are two types of home care companies; one is a registry that finds a person for you to hire. In this situation you are the employer and responsible for Workman’s Compensation, unemployment and other State and Federal taxes. To avoid being responsible for taxes, and the risk of a hefty Workers Compensation claim, only hire an agency (as is Physicians Choice Private Duty) who provides you with caregivers that are employees of the agency, and not working independently.