Four Undeniably Positive Parts of Aging

Photo by dougbelshaw via FlickrHere are Encompass, we witness the good and the bad in aging. Today we want to share four undeniably positive parts of aging.

1. Science now shows that age does, in fact, bring wisdom. Studies comparing brain scans of young and old adults show that as we age, we learn to distribute our efforts when thinking more efficiently. The study proved that older adult react more calmly to their own mistakes, allowing them refocus and fix certain problems as efficiently as the faster more hot-headed young adult participants.

2. Studies also indicate that older people are happier. Studies indicate that older people see their own priorities more clearly as they age. This clarity allows them greater satisfaction in day-to-day life. Seniors also tend to spend more time deepening relationships with people they care about than younger people do. This helps make seniors feel more positive and eases stress. Seniors also develop the ability to handle sadness more comfortably as they age, which in turn keeps them happier.

3. In connection with wisdom, science shows that older brains are better at making connections. With age comes experience. As people age, their brains actually get better at sorting that experience into patterns. Research shows that this sometimes makes seniors better at coming to logical conclusions quickly.

4. There will soon be a billion people over 60. The Fiscal Times suggests the large amount of seniors in the general population will make for a greater supply of senior resources. The market will adjust and likely find wonderful, new ways to cater to aging people. Studies also show seniors age well when they stay social. With a greater number of 60+ people around, socializing for seniors will likely become easier than ever before.

So aging does, in fact, have several emotional and cognitive benefits. Leon Jaraff humorously reflected on the new joys in his life that came from aging in an article in Time magazine. He ended his piece with a short list : penalties for withdrawing money from Individual Retirement Accounts. Some remarkable grandchildren. Senior fares on buses and airlines. Medicare. Being called “Sir” without benefit of knighthood.

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