Indoor Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

spring cleaning

On Monday, we kicked of our series on helping your aging loved get ready for spring by outlining several springtime events to look forward to, as well as health concerns to be aware of.

Spring is a time that many people“including seniors“look forward to, as it signifies the coming of summer (and warm weather) as well as the many activities that go along with that weather, which we outlined in our previous post.

But as with winter, there are many things we need to do in order to get ready for the season. And one seasonal activity that occurs for most people around this time of the year is spring cleaning.

We thought we would give you and your aging loved ones a few tips to consider in order to help you get your spring off to a nice start. For today, we’ll focus on indoor spring-cleaning tips.

Take a look below:

Create a checklist. Before you begin, it’s a great idea to create a checklist of the tasks you’d like to get done. Ask your aging loved one what they’d like to see cleaned, and prioritize the list in terms of importance. It is also a good idea to divvy up the tasks and try your best to stick to the task list. This prevents the possibility that your parent may take on a task that is either too difficult or hazardous for them to do.


Remove the clutter before you clean. Once you’ve made a checklist, then it is time to remove any clutter that may prevent you or your loved one from cleaning. This may include extra blankets from the winter, emergency winter kits, shovels, throw rugs, cords, junk mail, or trash that they couldn’t throw away during the winter months. Doing this will prevent any unwanted risks of falling, due to tripping on objects that may get in the way of cleaning.

Take over on hard to reach projects. Dusting and window/curtain cleaning are just a few of the tasks that are commonly associated with spring cleaning. Because these tasks typically require step stools or ladders, it is best to take over these tasks yourself in order to avoid falls.

Handle the mopping and scrubbing. Not only can mopping and scrubbing increase the risk of falling due to slippery surfaces, it can also put a lot of strain on your aging loved ones body because it often requires a lot of side to side motion, as well as bending over. Therefore, it is suggested that you handle these tasks yourself or reserve them for an able-bodied-person, in order to eliminate the risk of injury.

On Friday, we will finish off our series with some outdoor spring cleaning tips. In the meantime, what are you and your aging loved one looking most forward to this spring season? Let us know by connecting with us on Twitter!

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