Helping Your Parent Get Ready for Spring


spring time

Winter can be a dull seasons for most. More often than not, we find ourselves stuck at home with nothing to do because the weather is so drab.

But with spring just around the corner, there’s no doubt that many people (including seniors) are getting excited for the fresh new changes to the season. Just like winter, though, there is a myriad of things we have to do in order to get ready for the change.

We did a series on helping your aging loved one get ready for winter, so we thought we’d give you one for spring, as well. Throughout this series, we will talk about a number of things related to spring, from activities you should look forward to and things to be aware of, to safe spring cleaning tips, indoor and out.

For today, we will start with activities you can look forward to and health concerns you should be aware of.

Spring activities

Spring is the time that outdoor activities begin to be more accessible to most people. To help get your aging loved one excited about this season, here are a few things they can look forward to:

Flowers/gardening. If you parent is an avid gardener, then now is the time to start helping them plan their flowerbeds. Sit down with them and help them sketch out what plants they want to grow, and where they want to grow them. Now is also the perfect time to start seedlings indoors so that they’ll be ready when it comes time to plant them.


Walking. When possible, spring is also a great time to take your parents out for a walk, giving them the opportunity to look at all of the beautiful plants that are beginning to pop out of the ground.

Spring holidays with the grandchildren. The springtime also has holidays that many people look forward to“most notably, Easter, Lent, and St. Patrick’s Day. If your family celebrates any of these, try to involve your aging loved ones in the planning of these events. This is a great way to make them feel like a part of your life, as well as their grandchildren’s lives.

Health concerns

As with anything our aging loved ones do, making sure they are healthy is the most important factor to consider as we approach spring. Here are just a few things to look for as spring approaches:

Allergies. As the trees, grass, and plants begin to come back to life, so do the allergens that commonly come with them. Spring is the time that molds, dust and pollen become abundant. As such, it’s important to keep an eye on your aging loved ones who may develop nasal congestion or hay fever due to allergens. Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively treat these problems. To learn more, please consult a medical professional.

Cold (but not too cold). Unfortunately, spring still has its fair share of cold days with the strong winds of March and the torrential April showers. To avoid any complications, make sure your parent is properly dressed and prepared for any brisk or stormy days.

On Wednesday, we’ll talk about ways to get your aging loved ones spring cleaning in order, starting with the indoor tasks. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the information we’ve outlined above, please give us a call. We’d love to help!

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