5 Great Online Resources for Family Caregivers

Great Online Resources for Family Caregivers

More than 44 million Americans are currently family caregivers. And many of these caregivers take on the role knowing next to nothing about what’s in store.

Here’s a hint: caregiving is at times physically demanding, and other times emotionally taxing. Over the last year, we’ve covered many aspects of caregiver stress here on our blog. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite online resources that caregivers can use to help answer the many questions they will have.

Here’s our list:

AARP’ Caregiving Resource Center–This is great site that offers a thorough and easy-to-navigate online resource center related to all things caregiving, including articles written by caregving experts and healthcare professionals, online chats, messages boards and online group support.

United Hospital Fund’s Next Step in Care–Next Step in Care has dozens of free guides in multiple languages for family caregivers including advance directives, LGBT caregiving, hospice and palliative care, and medication management.

Caregiver Action Network– This non-profit organization provides education, peer support, and resources for family caregivers free of charge. They have a useful series of online videos for those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and an ongoing “Story Project” where anyone can share their caregiving experiences, among other resources.

Family Caregiver Alliance–FCA offers free facts sheets and online publications on caregiving issues, as well as a section on its website dedicated to new caregivers.

National Center for Creative Aging–While the NCCA doesn’t necessarily focus on caregiving, families can benefit from its articles and programs which promote the idea that creative expression leads to a better quality of life for older adults.

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