We’ve definitely had a busy year writing our blog. From covering the latest senior care trends and studies relevant to both family caregivers and health care professionals, to looking at geriatric issues affecting folks locally here in Nebraska and Iowa, there’s been no shortage of topics for us to pull from.

Of the more than 100 posts we published in the first half of 2013 (we’ve published 200-plus posts since our blog launch in July, 2012), a few stood out that received more traction that the rest. Below is a rundown of the five most popular Physicians Choice blog posts of 2013–so far.

1. The 3 Best Ways to Maintain Senior Independence–This article contains expert advice on ways seniors can remain living independently in their homes for as long as possible, something that as many as 90% of seniors admit they prefer.

2. Are You Ambivalent About Your Caregiving Role?–Although it’s the noble and often right thing to do, having to care for an aging loved one can mix feelings of dread and resentment with kindness and love. We discuss a recent post by Barry J. Jacobs on the AARPs caregiving blog that makes the point that such ambivalence towards caregiving is perfectly OK–and maybe even expected.

3. Senior Care in Nebraska and Iowa: How Do We Rank?–A report by America’s Health Rankings looks at 34 measures that affect senior health–including physical inactivity, obesity, poverty, drug coverage, and hospital re-admissions–and ranks each state. With Minnesota taking the top spot and Mississippi coming in last, we look at the challenges Nebraska and Iowa are currently facing in terms of senior care (don’t worry, both states rank among the best in the U.S. in terms of senior health).

4. Elderly Care: Companion Care Vs. Personal Care–Many questions arise when determining your aging loved ones care needs. And the answers can vary as much as the unique day-to-day condition of an individual. In this post we explain the two basic types of care, companion care and personal care, and help you determine which one is best for your loved one.

5. Being Your Parent’s Nursing Home Advocate–When an elderly person relocates to a nursing facility, he or she needs an advocate to help make the transition as smooth as possible. When this responsibility falls on your shoulders, there are many things to be prepared for. In this post, we provide advice on how to be ready for the many issues that may arise during this tough transition, from the initial move, to settling in, to getting to know the staff.

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