April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day

When a loved one nears the end of his or her life, there are important decisions to make — decisions that few families are prepared for. That “oh no” moment when you realize your ailing mother might not recover from a stroke or your father is nearing the end of late-stage renal disease leaves you and other family members emotionally confused about exactly what’s the best thing to do. It doesn’t help that your ailing loved one is in such a fragile state that he or she is unable to make any decisions on her own.

This situation is what National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) aims to address. Held Tuesday, April 16th, NHDD raises awareness on how to prepare for the important end-of-life care decisions we all will eventually face. NHDD emphasizes mapping out an advance directive complete with designating a healthcare power of attorney and creating living will.

Watch this video for more information about NHDD:


Tips from the video on how to make a plan

    • Think about what’s right for you.


    • What medical treatments would you want or not want if you were unlikely to survive?


    • What’s meaningful for you? Spiritual support? Having family nearby? Being at home?


    • Name a substitute decision maker — someone who can speak for you when you cannot.


    • If you can, put your wishes in writing.


  • Talk to your family and your healthcare team about your wishes.

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