What’s a ‘granny pod’?

Losing our independence is something we all dread. That’s why it’s so common for an elderly person to so adamantly oppose moving from their home into an assisted living facility. Even so, living alone at home is not always an option in cases where an elderly person’s family may be too far away to offer daily care. Recognizing a need for a new type of senior housing that allowed the elder to remain as independent as possible yet live close to his or her family, Pastor Ken Dupin developed the MedCottage.

Commonly called a “granny pod,” a MedCottage is a mobile apartment that can be installed adjacent to a house. The MedCottage’s three rooms are set up much like a hospital suite and come complete with cushioned floors, a walk-in shower, first aid kit and support bars equipped throughout the pod. It even has multiple webcams installed to monitor the elder’s whereabouts, allowing the family to quickly seek help if anything should happen while they’re away from the house.

As you could imagine, MedCottage’s don’t come cheap. A 12×24-foot prefabricated unit will set you back at least $85,000. Still, taking into consideration the cost of living in a nursing home averages more than $70,000 per year, it may pan out to be a good investment — especially since it maximizes the happiness of your elderly parent.

Take a video tour of a MedCottage:


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