Flu season starts early, predicted to be severe

Flu season starts early, predicted to be severe

Flu season starts early, predicted to be severeFor those elderly individuals out there who have not received their seasonal flu vaccination, sooner is better than later. CDC director Thomas Frieden told The New York Times that the flu season seems to be starting a month earlier than normal and that the flu strains circulating, especially the N3N2 strain, were particularly severe.

Frieden did state that this year’s flu vaccination is a 90 percent match for circulating strains and that people were encouraged to get vaccinated. You may recall another post by Physicians Choice Private Duty about getting vaccinated for the flu.

Elevated levels of flu-like illnesses have shown up in five of 10 U.S. regions according to the CDC’s FluView survey. States experiencing high flu numbers include Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. The Midwest is also seeing elevated numbers.

Deaths attributed to pneumonia and flu were at 6.3 percent for the week. This is slightly below the 6.7 percent that the CDC considers to be an epidemic rate.

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