Physicians’ Choice can help skip the nursing home

Physicians’ Choice can help skip the nursing home

Physicians Choice Private DutyHave you selected your nursing home yet?

Have you selected your nursing home? Can you picture yourself there? Who is your roommate? Do you like them? Do they like you? What will you eat for lunch? What if you don’t like what they are serving?

I haven’t met a person yet that is looking forward to their move into a nursing home. It is hard to imagine leaving your home, your independence and your freedom. Yet, we ask our parents and/or grandparents to do this every day. What if we didn’t have to make that choice?

The goal of the social workers that work at Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living is to find safe ways for older adults to stay as independent as possible — for as long as possible. Through a comprehensive in-home assessment, they come up with unique solutions to alleviate many of the reasons people are forced to leave their homes. By looking at the entire picture, in an objective manner, Physicians’ Choice create safe living environments that allow people to live in their homes for as long as possible.

For some, staying at home is not an option or not desired. Do you know the difference between independent living and assisted living? What is available in your price range? Who do you ask? Who can you trust? Adult children are often put in the position to make these decisions. It is an uncomfortable position to be in. The shift in power is awkward enough, but when you don’t even know the questions to ask, it becomes intimidating to try and help a parent make these life-changing decisions.

Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living stands ready to help with the entire process — from evaluating the situation to assisting with making the tough decisions, to creating and implementing the plan. We are the experts in the community on what is available for every level of care. We don’t have a vested interest in where you go — we just want you to achieve the best living situation possible.

The next time you are met with a question of safety and/or care of an older adult, turn to the experts at Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living to guide the way. The answer may be just a phone call away. We can be reached at 402-331-2273.

“Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living solves the challenges families face in caring for aging parents, with a focus on strategies that keep them in their homes. To learn more about our solutions, visit”