New PSA depicts caregivers’ call for help

New PSA depicts caregivers’ call for help

New PSA depicts caregivers’ call for helpEarlier this month, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) joined forces with the Ad Council to make a series of public service announcements depicting common, frustrating scenarios in the lives of millions of caregivers in the United States. As we’ve mentioned before, taking care of an aging loved can be very stressful, especially while balancing caregiving with day-to-day obligations such as working a full time job and taking care of children.

In a recent story about the new AARP/Ad Council PSA campaign, the Associated Press reported that, according to a 2009 estimate, more than 42 million Americans are responsible for some form of consistent care for aging adult relatives, loved ones or friends. Although not all these people consider themselves to be “caregivers,” even the smallest of tasks like helping an aging parent with chores or driving Mom or Dad to appointments count as caregiving — and add up fast and unintentionally cause more stress in a caregiver’s life.

The article concludes that the point of the campaign “to raise awareness of the impact of family caregiving as the nation rapidly grays — and to point overwhelmed families toward resources,” like the AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center.

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