How to Care for Aging Parents with Mobility Issues

Many older adults are able to remain in their home as they age. However, that doesn’t mean that they are always able to get around their homes as easily as they once did. Mobility issues are an unfortunate side effect of aging and can impact a senior’s level of independence and make daily responsibilities much more challenging.

Tips on Helping Your Elderly Parents With Mobility Issues

Patience is the key when it comes to taking care of elderly parents with mobility issues.

Prevent Falls with 5 Warning Signs of Mobility Issues in Seniors

You don’t have to wait until your loved one falls before discovering mobility issues. There are warning signs that can indicate a potential for developing problems with mobility.

Hoyer Lift: Product Guide and Recommendations

Hoyer lifts can be a tremendous help for seniors who are unable to move between furniture or rooms. Before making an investment in one, however, it is important to know exactly how they work and if they would be appropriate for your aging loved one.