How to Advocate for the Quality Health Care Your Aging Parent Deserves

There is never a reason a senior should have to settle for less than quality health care. While having to advocate for quality health care of an elderly parent is something many adult children in the United States are doing, when possible, seniors should be advocating for themselves, as well.

If your parent is unable to manage their own care, of course you will have to be their voice. Unfortunately, many adult children take the reins from their parent too early, preventing that parent from being proactive with their own health.

An article on, Empowering Your Aging Parent to be Their Own Healthcare Advocate, says that the more engaged seniors are in their own health care decisions, the better self-care they will practice. If you are unsure whether or not your parent needs you to advocate for quality health care, ask yourself some questions.

  1. Is your parent expressing a desire for help?
  2. How would you assess your parent’s health literacy?
  3. Does your parent exhibit any cognitive difficulties such as memory loss or confusion?

While it is natural that you would want to do all that you can for your aging parent, it is important that you don’t step in too soon. It also is important that you consider their views and feelings when it comes to any decisions about their health care.

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