Deaths from Falls Increasing Sharply Among Seniors

Almost 25,000 people 75 and older suffered deaths from falls in 2016. Unfortunately, experts say that number is likely to rise.

An adult male trys to get up after falling down stairs.

While it is not clear why deaths from falls are rising, one thing is clear, falls are preventable.’s article, Study: Older Americans are Dying More From Falls, states that caregivers need to know that falls are preventable and encourage their loved one to talk to their doctor regarding their risk of falling. Reducing the rate of falls means that older adults will be able to live independently for longer since hospitalization and nursing home admission usually follows a fall.

One of the best ways to prevent falls is for seniors to do weight-bearing exercises. Preventing and treating osteoporosis also is important. Other preventive measures include a review of medications that cause low blood pressure or balance issues, getting a senior’s eyes tested and fall-proofing their home.

If your elderly parent wants to age in place, preventing falls is paramount. If you have questions about keeping your loved one safe from falls at home, call Physician’s Choice Private today at 402-331-2273 to discuss how we can help.