Nursing Your Elderly Loved One Back to Health Following Pneumonia

When an elderly parent is discharged from the hospital after a bout of pneumonia, it can be scary for both the patient and their family. If a senior has existing health conditions, recovery can take weeks. The fact that seniors are not only more prone to come down with pneumonia, but also are at a greater risk of dying from it only adds to the stress.

Why does it take so long to recover from pneumonia?

Why does it take so long for some people – including the elderly – to recover from pneumonia? One reason is that an infection of the lung is hard to clear. In other words, antibiotics kill the bacteria, but everything the body produced to fight the bacteria, such as mucus, is left behind.

Top 20 Pneumonia Facts

Pneumonia is an infection of the lung. But what makes it so deadly in the elderly? For starters, pneumonia preys on weakness and vulnerability. There are several other facts about pneumonia you need to know, as well.

Why You Need to Learn About the Dangers of Elderly Pneumonia

While pneumonia hits seniors hard, those in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable. In fact, pneumonia is the second leading type of infection in nursing homes.

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