Advance Directives Ensure Elderly Parents Get the Medical Care They Want

Advance Directives Ensure Elderly Parents Get the Medical Care They WantLiving wills and advance directives are legal instructions that allow an aging loved one to make decisions for themselves, even when they are unable to voice those decisions. They also can prevent unnecessary suffering and relieve caregivers of decision-making burdens during moments of crisis or grief.

So why doesn’t everyone have an advance directive? The fact is, no one wants to think about their parent dying, leading many families to avoid the subject altogether. This is never a good idea, however.

The Mayo Clinic published an article, Living Will and Advance Directives for Medical Decisions, which outlines the types of advance directives and living wills. It also talks about things your parent should consider when creating an advanced directive or living will. These include:

  • How important is it for them to be independent and self-sufficient?
  • Are there any instances when they believe their life would no longer be worth living?
  • Would they want to extend their life in any situation? All situations?
  • Would they only want to be treated if a cure was possible?

It is important that your aging parent talk to their doctor if they have specific questions regarding medical decisions. At Physicians Choice Private Duty, we work hard every day to make sure seniors are cared for the way they wish to be, including aging in place. To learn more about our comprehensive in-home assisted living services, call us at 402-331-2273 or visit us online at