Wearable Devices Help Combat Many of the Challenges Seniors and Their Caregivers Face

Today’s wearable devices do much more than track fitness goals. These devices are able to monitor chronic health conditions and track things like heart rate, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. For this reason, wearables are helping to combat a wide range of challenges seniors and their caregivers face.

Technology that can foster aging in place

Seniors overwhelmingly say they would like to remain in their own home as they age. Who knew something like the Apple Watch could help them do just that?

It’s time for health wearables to have a senior moment

Wearables allow seniors to be in more control of their health and feel a sense of independence. How? Through things like medication reminders and updates on their heart rate and blood pressure. Seniors wearing these devices can even leave their home for a walk or a quick trip for groceries, without family members worrying.

Virtual Home Assistants

10 Ways The Internet of Medical Things Is Revolutionizing Senior Care

The cost of medical care for an elderly parent can be a huge expense. One way to help control these costs is to look into virtual home assistants and other portable devices which are part of what is called the Internet of Medical Things.