High Rate of Hospital Readmissions Among the Elderly

High Rate of Hospital Readmissions Among the Elderly

Experts in the medical field believe that hospital readmissions among seniors is on the rise because of what they call “post-hospital syndrome.” This syndrome was coined by medical researchers who believe seniors are left in a disoriented and weakened state after a hospital stay.

An article in the New York Times, The Illness is Bad Enough. The Hospital May Be Even Worse, notes that most hospital readmissions involve conditions unrelated to the initial diagnoses. After a hospital stay, patients have increased vulnerability to a range of health problems, stemming from the stress of being in the hospital. The stresses involved with a hospital stay include:

  • Disrupted sleep
  • Unappetizing meals
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Poor balance from being in bed
  • New medications
  • Pain

Researchers at Yale University say these stresses have widespread effects, leaving seniors less able to stave off other health threats. The solution to these stresses may come down to families who can bring in favorite foods, ensure that their loved one stays mobile by taking them from strolls down the corridor, and ask medical staff to hold off on tests or blood draws when the patient is sleeping.

At Physicians Choice Private Duty, we understand that an elderly parent’s discharge from the hospital and transition back home can be stressful on both parent and adult child. That’s why, every day, we work with seniors to ensure that they are well-cared for in their homes after a hospitalization. By doing so, we help to reduce the likelihood of a readmission.

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