How to Make Sure an Elderly Parent’s Discharge from the Hospital Goes Smoothly

When it comes time for a parent to be discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation center, it
helps to know what to expect. When you are well-prepared, you are less likely to be blindsided
by the unexpected. You also reduce the chance of readmissions.

3 Tips for Transitioning from Hospital to Home

No one likes being in the hospital so discharge is seen as a good thing. However, before you
celebrate the fact that your elderly parent can go home, you need to ask some questions about
what comes next.

Hospital to Rehab to Home: How to Ease Transitions

Change can be difficult, especially for seniors and their families. Whether your elderly parent is
leaving the hospital for home or a rehab facility, it’s important to prepare for the next stage of

Here’s what older people need to do to prevent hospital readmissions

If your elderly parent is leaving the hospital, the last thing you want to think about is a
readmission. That’s why it is important that you are taking the steps to make sure that doesn’t