Choosing the Right Living Arrangement for an Aging Parent

parent move

When the time comes to decide where your elderly parent should live, you have a lot of options. While this is a good thing, it also can be overwhelming.

Even if you are familiar with the most common types of senior living arrangements, from adult communities to nursing homes, there are still a variety of things that you must consider before moving your parent out of their current home.

In its article, Housing Options for Seniors suggests talking to your loved one’s doctor for guidance. Some questions you might want to ask include, How do I know if my parent is ready for a senior living community? What types of medical care or assistance will my loved one require? Will this be a short-term or long-term living arrangement?

The article also offers some suggestions for when it comes time for your parent to move. These include:
  1. Set a realistic budget
  2. Make a list of all physical, medical and emotional needs
  3. Tour residences
  4. Read the housing contract carefully

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