It is only natural that adult children would want to do what is best for their aging parents. After all, their parents raised them and worked hard to give them the best life possible.

In light of this fact, many adult children are taken off guard when their parents react negatively to any talk of providing them with assistance as they age. And instead of thanking their children, these parents instead seem insulted at the idea that they would need to be taken care of. Read more

What to Do When an Aging Parent Won’t Listen


This month we’re focused on the communication challenges that happen when an adult child tries to help a parent. It’s a real issue and since most of us only get to have these conversations once or twice, it’s hard to develop any expertise on your own. Use these resources to learn more and if you still have questions, call and talk to us. We’ve helped hundreds of families in Omaha and we might be able to help.  Read more