Convincing an aging parent that it is time for them to stop driving is never an easy thing for an adult child to do. Unfortunately, it’s a conversation that most people will have to have at one time or another.

So why is it so difficult? The truth is, giving up the keys to the car is less about transportation issues for an aging parent and more about coming to grips with the loss of independence. Trips to the doctor’s office, grocery store, church or a friend’s house will now require assistance. And even if you are more than willing to drive your parent everywhere they need to go, the realization that they are now dependent on someone else to get around can be devastating. Read more

What Do I Do If I Live in Omaha and My Parent is Resistant to Giving Up the Car Keys?


Omaha, Nebraska is blessed to have a Center for Successful Aging at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They have a wealth of resources available including a nice article addressing the question, what do I do if my parent is resistant to giving up the car keys? What resources do I have in the Omaha area?

The Impaired Older Driver: When And How Families Should Intervene

As our director said when we asked her about the topic, “As soon as the adult children notice problematic driving practices, they should address them with their parent. Don’t wait until the day before taking the license away to tell the parent the plans. The more time the parent has to think about what is going to happen–the better. Remember they are losing a main source of independence. Be patient, kind, and understanding!” Read more

Taking the Car Away From an Elderly Parent


Talking to an elderly parent about giving up the car keys can be very traumatic for both the parent and the adult child. Parents see losing their ability to drive as losing their independence and adult children wonder if they are doing the right thing. They also worry about how the conversation will go.

Many parents become depressed or combative when they are faced with the prospect of no longer driving. The way a child broaches the subject can make a huge difference in how a parent reacts.

Most articles on this subject talk about the dangers of elderly driving and how a family must be firm about taking the keys away. Some examples are below:

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