Keeping Your Elderly Parents in the Home Safely and Affordably


If you are responsible for the care of an elderly parent, chances are you want to keep your loved one at home because you believe that is where he or she will be the happiest and the most comfortable. You are not alone. Read more

The Many Benefits of Keeping Your Aging Parents at Home


In the article The Benefits of Aging in Place, this note jumped out at me: Read more

Keeping Your Parent at Home


Conventional wisdom is that seniors want to stay in their home but this is often not feasible due to the cost involved with providing in home care.

Most articles compare the costs of in home health care vs. assisted living or nursing homes. These articles are filled with gloom and doom detailing how caring for your aging parents, at home or in a care center, spelled financial ruin.

At Physician’s Choice Private Duty, we look at things a different way.  We know that it is possible to keep parents in the home without breaking the bank, if that’s your goal.

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