Coping with Changing Caregivers


News to Note

These are some of the best links from our in home assisted living feeds. This month we’re focusing on the most important piece of caregiving – the caregivers. Specifically from the perspective of the patient.


Read this because it addresses changes kids have to deal with in changing caregivers. There is a list of ways to make the change easier including not making a big deal about it, prepping for the new caregiver and letting the child be part of the solution


If you’re hiring caregivers for your parents, this article is interesting because it deals with reasons for caregiver turnover. These include company policies, work conditions, job security, personality issues, personal issues, and scheduling.

The problems with older people developing bonds with caregivers that change. Solutions include using a reputable agency, connecting with caregivers, including family and friends, rotating between caregivers, and getting caregivers support.


Advice for people to ask about caregiver turnover when hiring and getting to the reasons behind turnover. Check staffing levels at different times and ask about how turnover is handled. It sounds like listening to the answers is the best way to tell. If they say no problem, no turnover, it’s not common so beware.

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