Hospice Care and the Popular Press


The Huffington Post recently published an in-depth expose into the hospice world. Just scrolling through their key findings provides disturbing glimmers into this giant industry.

Despite widespread allegations of fraud and abuse, regulators have consistently rated hospice as a lower priority for inspection than traditional health facilities like hospitals.

Over a recent three-year span, 55 percent of all U.S. hospices were cited for a violation, many care-related, HuffPost found. HuffPost found 20 providers that were cited for more than 70 violations each during that time.

In my work, I have extensive experience with hospice in Omaha. I think that the biggest problem with hospice is that they call the shots and the FAMILY should call the shots. The best end of life care is in the hands of the family. I help people work out how to maintain that power in their loved one’s end of life care, and I specialize doing that in Omaha, because I think that is how end of life care works best. To call the shots, families need to know enough to tell hospice centers what is acceptable. I help walk families through the details so that they can decide what they want.

Deciding what your loved one wants is a large part of making their end of life comfortable. I encourage you to start this conversation early. The more open your family is about what to do with a loved one’s end of life care, the more you’ll be able to communicate exactly what you want with those helping you. I specialize in helping people advocate for their dying loved ones. As The Huffington Post illustrates, there are many issues in the hospice industry and unfortunately you often have to fight for quality care. Many of the issues addressed in the article, we’ve experienced first hand. Most people have to deal with end of life care for their loved ones only a handful of times. At Encompass we deal with it everyday. We use our expertise to be your loved one’s advocate and make sure you’re in control.

If you’re considering Hospice or have questions about Hospice in Nebraska, get in contact with me. Chances are good that I’ve helped someone in your situation before and can save you and your family from unnecessary costs and delays.

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