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The best links from around the web relating to Senior Care. (the ones we could find anyway) Enjoy. If you find links of interest, send them our way.

The scene of seniors playing cards is a familiar one. Turns out they might be on to something! Here is a blog post from a Place for Mom, on the benefits of playing Bridge. The post explains how Bridge is like a mental workout. Keeping the brain fit combined with the social element of bridge is key to aging well!


Often books can help parents explain tough life events to children, like a grandparent suffering Alzheimers disease. Paula Span writes a short piece on the market for children’s books on Alzheimer’s. The post reminds us that there is a rising number of aging adults with the disease so books on the subject could be really helpful. The post mentions which books work and which ones are not so great, then ends with some suggestions:


Here is a list of the ten best films on aging from Pop Matters. The list includes the video trailers for each film as well as a short written summary. I can attest that all the films on this list I’ve seen are excellent. I even studied one of them in a college film course. Worthy of the Netflix queue:


In this link, Jane Fonda gives a TED talk called Lifes Third Act. She describes finding meaning in her third act, of life and why it has been the happiest time in her life. The very end of her talk focuses on women in particular but the talk is very universal as a whole.


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