Photo by dougbelshaw via FlickrHere are Encompass, we witness the good and the bad in aging. Today we want to share four undeniably positive parts of aging.

1. Science now shows that age does, in fact, bring wisdom. Studies comparing brain scans of young and old adults show that as we age, we learn to distribute our efforts when thinking more efficiently. The study proved that older adult react more calmly to their own mistakes, allowing them refocus and fix certain problems as efficiently as the faster more hot-headed young adult participants. Read more

TAlking about Money Power and LoveCare Conversations supplies a lovely list of suggested books on caregiving. They also make some handbooks available on their site. Here at Encompass, we encourage research but also understand sifting through the vast amount of information and perspectives on the options and considerations for your parent can be daunting.

In this blog post, we will look at one handbook provided by Care Conversations, Fire Drill by John W. Gibson, DSW, and Bonnie Brown Hartley, Ph.D. Read more

Home Health Care Links April 2014

home Health Care Links via Kalamazoo Gazette

At Encompass, we are constantly reading new things about aging. We invite you to look at some links that portray fresh or interesting perspectives on the topic along with a special link to an online discussion on aging hosted by the Washington Post this month.

Carolyn Rosenblatt shares a short article on the power of developing new friendships and combating loneliness later in life Read more

3 Signs your parents need more help

Everyone ages and everyone ages differently. Often aging is gradual and it can be hard to distinguish to what extent it is affecting the life of a loved one. At some point the physical, mental, and emotional changes make living alone dangerous and it is necessary to get some extra help. When is it appropriate to start looking for those care options? At Encompass we look for several signs. Here are three:

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