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Physicians Choice Private Duty Newsletter – December 2013
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Featured Post
The arrival of the holidays means that caregiver stress is at an all-time high. And despite some caregivers’ thoughts that vacations are impossible when looking after an aging loved one, vacations for caregivers aren’t just possible–they’re recommended. In our featured post, we take a look at a few ways to make taking a vacation easier, so that you can get away from caregiving for a few days and get some much-needed stress relief. [Read more]…
Popular Blog Posts
Having discussions about end-of-life care or about end-of-life wishes is never easy. And when having end-of-life care discussions with family members, it’s very easy to become completely overwhelmed. Our 4 tips here make the conversation just a little bit easier, and can hopefully help make honoring your parent’s end-of-life wishes an attainable task. [Read more]…
More than any other time of the year, the holidays–from Thanksgiving to the New Year–are home to large meals and foods that are potentially very unhealthy. Dietary needs often become more restrictive as we age, which is why it’s so essential for our aging loved ones to eat properly. Here, we give a few foods that are both healthy and delicious for our elderly members of the family. [Read more]…
With the holiday season in full swing, it’s hard not to feel a little bit stressed out. That’s especially true for caregivers, who often end up working double or even triple duty during the holidays. That extra stress is why proper time management is so important for caregivers this time of year, and is also why we wrote this post full of tips for properly managing your time. [Read more]…
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