Honored Wishes: A Parent’s Perspective

Honored Wishes-- A Parent's Perspective


In our series on end-of-life Care, we mentioned the importance of assessing your loved ones end-of-life wishes.

Honoring the wishes of a loved one is an extremely important aspect of end-of-life care. Not only does it make the journey much more comfortable for them, it also puts you and your family at ease, knowing that you are fulfilling your loved ones wishes.

In this series, we will discuss the various aspects of honored wishes, from the perspective of the elderly parent, to the perspective of the family members or gatekeeper.

For today, we’ll start with the perspective of the elderly parent.

Below, we’ve outlined a few things that you and your loved one should take into consideration when thinking about end-of-life wishes. These are all things you can discuss with an aging loved one, and things that you should think about when having end-of-life conversations with an aging parent.

Time is priceless

In many situations throughout our lives, we find ourselves thinking that we will have the time to do everything that we want–often wasting time on things that may not matter or greatly impact our lives.

Despite our belief that we have all the time in the world, the time we have is limited. And, when faced with a life-changing event, time becomes even more valuable. We believe that time is something that should be honored and cherished, because you can’t trade it for something better or buy more of it.

Self-reflection is important

As time becomes more precious, it’s important to reflect on the things most dear to you. Outline your priorities, consider all of your options, and think about how you see yourself spending the rest of your life. Whether you have just a few months or many years, think about the things you truly want in life.

Your wishes don’t need to be grand

Don’t be afraid to ask for the little things. Even the smallest and simplest wish can make a world of difference in the end.

Despite what you may think, your wishes–no matter how small they may be–are just as important and unique as the big ones. Looking for the grandiose can put an undue amount of stress on you, and that’s the last thing you want or need.

Let your wishes be known

The most critical thing we can tell you is to let your wishes be known. Make sure they are heard loud and clear. You’ll feel at ease knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled, and you’ll also help make the process much easier for your family.

As the child of an aging parent, you should always think from your loved one’s perspective when having these kinds of conversations. Thinking things through completely helps make the end-of-life process much easier for everyone, and thinking about your loved one’s perspectives is a great way to show them how much you care.

Knowing where to start with having your wishes honored can be difficult. If you need help starting the conversation, communicating with your friends and family, or having a plan put in place, give us a call. At Encompass, we strive to provide the best for all stages of the aging process. Most of all, we would be honored to make your wishes come true.

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