November Newsletter – What to Do If You Fall (or See Someone Else Fall)


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FallsHere at Encompass, we give our readers a lot of information about falls. Whether we’re talking about injuries that happen after falls or how to prevent falls, we want to make sure that you’re as informed as possible. But unfortunately, sometimes, falls do happen, and it’s essential that you know what to do real-time in case you happen to see someone fall. Here, we give some advice on what to do if you fall or see someone fall. Continue reading

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PostureOne way to help prevent falls is by improving your posture. A study showed that incorrect weight shifting, a result of bad posture, was the cause of about 41% of falls–so obviously, having good posture is significant. Improving your loved one’s posture is a good idea, and we go into detail as to why, and into how to go about doing so. Continue Reading

End-of-Life Care: An Introduction 

CareDiscussing end-of-life care for a loved one is a difficult topic of conversation for most families. But understanding what to expect–and what you can do to help ensure your loved one’s comfort in the final stages of their life–may help to ease the journey both for you and your loved one. Here’s our Encompass introduction to the basics of end-of-life care.  Continue Reading
CaregiverWhen a loved one passes, it’s not uncommon for a caregiver to feel a range of emotions. No matter what you’re feeling, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Although everyone’s caregiving experience is unique, others have gone through what you’re going through–and here, we give some advice as to what life beyond caregiving might look like. Continue Reading…

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