How to Begin Your Life Beyond Caregiving



How to Begin Your Life Beyond Caregiving

On Monday, we gave you a general overview of life beyond caregiving.

As a caregiver who has devoted their time and strength into ensuring the best quality of life for a loved one, it may be difficult to see what your life will be like after the caregiving ends. It’s not uncommon for a former caregiver to have their sense of purpose or self-worth affected.

However, it’s important to remember that your caregiving experience has given you a set of skills, and new perspective on life that can help you move forward and live a rewarding life.

With that in mind, we’re going to discuss a few ways you can begin your post-care life.

Connect with others

As we’ve mentioned, you’re not alone in your post-caregiving experience. Although your experience is unique, there are many post-caregivers out there who have had similar experiences. Connecting with other caregivers may help combat your loneliness by building and fostering friendships based on a mutual understanding of a difficult point in each other’s lives.

Share your story

Though not for everyone, some people may find it comforting to share their caregiving experience. This can be done in a number of ways, from setting up your own blog or guest-blogging for a caregiving organization, to simply writing down your experience in a journal.

Regardless of the format, sharing your experience gives you an outlet to properly express the many emotions you may now be feeling as a former caregiver. In addition to helping yourself, you might also even help other post caregivers put their frustrations at ease, and give current caregivers and researchers a better understanding of the post-caregiving transition.

Put your skills to use

Throughout your caregiving experience, you’ve gained a number of invaluable skills that can still be put to good use. If you miss helping others, consider volunteering at a local respite program for seniors, or finding a part time job to fill your time and help you gain back your sense of purpose.

In the end, you may find caregiving to be a passion of yours–as was the case with Ms. Van Der Waal, a former caregiver to her husband. In an interview with The New Old Age blogger, Judith Graham, Ms. Van Der Waal said, In the beginning, it was a connection with my past and with Wayne… but it’s become a joy and I’ve come to realize that, for me at least, once a caregiver always a caregiver.

Figuring out your life beyond caregiving can be difficult. But keeping these considerations in mind can help ease this difficult period, in turn helping you realize the new perspective you gained, and the significant impact you’ve made on your loved ones life.

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