What to Expect When Moving in With Family

What to Expect When Moving in With Family

Oftentimes, family members are forced to move when an aging loved one requires daily care.

Whether it’s an adult child moving into her mother’s home to take care of her, or moving Mom into your extra bedroom, a number of challenges tend to arise, especially for those families that aren’t properly prepared for long-term care.

Below are some things to consider before moving in with family (or having family move in with you) via caregiver.org:

  • Accessibility–Is the home able to accommodate an elderly person with limited mobility? Do stairs have railings, and are showers equipped with grab bars? Are hallways clear of clutter? Any needed home modifications should be completed before the move.
  • Care–What type of care does your loved one need? If you can’t provide it, who will? Make sure that all of your bases are covered, from preparing meals, to medication management, to daytime supervision. Who is responsible for caregiving duties? Will you need to hire a home care professional to help out?
  • Emotions–Are there any long-standing disputes in your family? If so, expect them to surface in some form or another when moving in with an aging family member. The loss of independence is frustrating and can bring out strange behaviors, especially when reacting to a new living environment. Remember, good communication is key to handling conflicts successfully.
  • Finances–When a new family member moves in, household expenses will generally go up. Who’s responsible for the additional finances? If you need financial support, where will you get it?
  • Responsibilities–When Mom moves in, what responsibilities will she have?

At Encompass, we often encounter situations where family members move in with one another. While each family is different, in the end it’s best to avoid the feeling that the situation is permanent, as not everyone can successfully live together.

Instead, consider starting things out as a trial period before committing to anything long-term. Having open and honest communication with your loved one will also help ensure that any problems are addressed properly. And remember–help is always available from a senior care agency such as Encompass.

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