Long-Distance Caregiving: What Are Your Strengths and Limits?

Long-Distance Caregiving: What Are Your Strengths and Limits?

We’ve already talked about getting started as a long-distance caregiver and offered tips on managing your care duties. In this post we’ll share some advice from the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) on examining your strengths and limits as someone offering care to an elderly parent or loved one from a distance.

First off, the FCA recommends taking a step back and making an honest assessment of both your strengths and limits, keeping in mind that caring for a relative is a team effort. As a long-distance caregiver, you may or may not be the team leader. No matter what, it’s important to be realistic with yourself and the rest of the “team” as to how much you can offer.

As far as examining your strengths, the FCA recommends asking yourself the following questions:

  • What, in general, are you particularly good at?
  • Are you best on the phone, finding information, keeping friends and family up to date regarding your loved one’s care, or offering emotional support?
  • Are you good at supervising employees?
  • How comfortable are you discussing your loved one’s health with medical staff?
  • Are you good with numbers, i.e., paying bills, keeping track of bank statements, going over insurance policies, etc.?

When reflecting on your limits, the FCA recommends considering the following:

  • Both financially and mentally, how often can you afford to travel?
  • Are you prepared emotionally to take on a role reversal between you and your parent?
  • Can you be patient and assertive when communicating from a distance?
  • How will taking on care responsibilities affect the rest of your family and your work?

From here, work with your team so that your skills will compliment theirs. Ideally, the FCA notes, each team member will take on duties that are the easiest and most rewarding to them. Trusting the people working at a care agency is also key.

At Encompass, we encourage long-distance caregivers to have their “eyes on the ground, and have complete trust in the caregivers and staff. We know Omaha and all it offers, and can help them maneuver the system.

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