Having Trouble With Your Home Health Care Provider? Read On.


Our last post looked at ways to ensure that you and your aging loved one stay satisfied with a home health care provider. Today we’ll examine the flip side of the coin–what to do if a problem should arise.

One scenario that can lead to problems with health care providers is alleged theft by a home health care worker. As the Minnesota Board of Aging notes, many cases of valuables “gone missing” are actually the result of that item being moved, or a loved one forgetting where that item was placed.

If you suspect that a worker has taken money, credit cards or other valuables, call the police as soon as you can confirm that the item is missing–just as you would call the police if a burglary occurred. If the worker is an agency employee, contact the agency immediately as well. It’s worth noting the most agencies require a thorough background check before hiring an employee. This may not be the case with a self-employed worker. While the vast majority of workers do not steal, it’s always best to keep any money or other valuables locked up in a secure area.

Maintaining regular contact with your loved one’s case supervisor is a good way to ensure that problems are handled in an efficient manner, and in most cases involving agencies, case supervisors are the first ones you should go to with any issues. At Physicians Choice Private Duty, we always encourage clients to maintain contact and let us know how things are going–whether that means they’re good, bad or indifferent. We are commited to positive quality control and stand behind our promise of providing the best service possible to all of our clients.

Remember: good communication between you, your loved one and the home health care worker–and the case supervisor if you use an agency–should quickly alleviate the vast majority of any discrepancies. Whether you’re dealing with alleged theft, or are uncomfortable with a worker, your case supervisor should be able to help you with any issues.

If you’re currently working with a self-employed home health care worker, consider switching over to an agency. Most agencies already have policies in place in case problems arise. Additionally, agencies are required to investigate, and attempt to resolve, any grievances or complaints.

With an individual self-employed worker, this isn’t always the case, and you’ll have to resolve the issue directly with the self-employed worker. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to address how problems will be dealt with before they ever happen.

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