Transportation Options for Disabled Seniors

Many transportation options for disabled seniors

Being able to get up and leave the house whenever we want is a luxury that many of us take for granted. Any number of situations can arise and lead to seniors losing their mobility, and in turn, their independence. A cognitive illness like Alzheimer’s or a physical condition that limits range of motion can leave an elderly person unfit to safely drive–a demoralizing blow to someone used to driving his or her entire life. While in many cases a senior’s family is able to provide rides to appointments, errands, and social engagements, there are just as many times that a family lives too far away to help, or is simply unable to cover their aging loved one’s transportation needs.

Luckily, there are many transportion options for seniors in and around Omaha.

Public transportation

Omaha’s public transportation provider, Metro, offers a service called MOBY, which operates during the same times as the fixed route bus service, but within a 3/4 mile corridor and 3/4 mile terminus of a fixed route. In other words, most of the city is accessible. Caregivers and other personal care attendants ride for free and the disabled passenger is charged the regular MOBY fare of $2.50 (any additional companions are charged the regular MOBY fare as well).

It’s worth noting that all MOBY clients must complete an Americans with Disability Act (ADA) application before being able to use MOBY services.

Lincoln’s StarTran offers a service similar to MOBY, called Handi-Van.

There are natural drawbacks to public transportation for disabled seniors. For one, certain destinations may be difficult to get to if they lie more than 3/4 of a mile beyond a bus route, and another drawback is time restrictions. With that said, public transportation is a great, inexpensive option for those who meet the necessary criteria for travel.

Private transportation

Disabled seniors also have many private transportation options–all of which can be catered to the specific needs of an individual. Senior care providers like Physicians Choice Private Duty can arrange services, such as wheelchair or ambulance transportation, as well as any other transportation needs that a client may have. In all, there are upwards of 20 private transportation providers in the Omaha area, all with varying pricing schedules and reputations. For those with needs exceeding what public transportation offers, private transportation is a great option.

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