The Secrets of Living to 100

3080004036_1050ff90f2It’s no secret that Americans are living longer than ever before. Still, it’s considered quite a feet to live to be 100 or older. A recent survey by United Healthcare asked a group of centenarians and baby boomers about various aspects of their health and their thoughts on longevity.

Here are some of the takeaways:

  • No regrets. 50% of 100-years-olds surveyed said they would not change anything about the way they lived their lives. Only 29% of baby boomers (ages 60 to 65) said the same.
  • Money not important. Only 6% of centenarians said they wish they had more money in their lives.
  • Great expectations. 29% of 100-year-olds said they expected to reach 100. Only 21% of baby boomers thought the same.
  • Staying active. More than half of the centenarians had moderate exercise (walking/hiking) each week and 33% engaged in some form of strength training weekly. 98% thought staying physically fit was important to living a long life (about the same percentage of baby boomers agreed).
  • Staying healthy. 86% of the 100-year-olds thought eating a nutritious diet was a big factor in their longevity and 66% thought getting a good amount of sleep was important.
  • What about sex? Less than a third of centenarians said maintaining a healthy sex life was key to healthy aging and living longer, as start contrast to the beliefs of 80% of boomers.

Number of centenarians on the rise

In 2010, there were 53,364 Americans age 100 and older, 80% of who were women. In comparison, the U.S. Census Bureau only recorded 32,000 centenarians in 1980. Estimates suggest there will be 600,000 Americans 100 and older by 2050.

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