Assisted Living: Why does a nursing home cost so much?

assisted living omahaAs we mentioned in yesterday’s blog, 60 percent of older adults underestimate the cost of living in a nursing home. As such today we’ll look at the costs associated with three common types of long-term care — nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in-home care.

According to a 2012 MetLife market survey, a private room at a nursing home now costs more than $90,000 a year on average in the U.S. — that breaks down to about $250 a day. The cost of an assisted living facilities averaged about half as much at $42,600 a year — still a staggering amount. (And for what’s it’s worth the survey found that the average cost for a private room was $184 a day in Nebraska and $171 a day in Iowa, respectively.)

At $170 day, around-the-clock care costs about $7 an hour with 65 percent of nursing care proceeds going to staff, elder care specialist Todd Bergstrom told a CBS news affiliate in Minnesota. Even with the majority of the cost going to wages, nursing home staff usually make significantly less per hour than the equivalent job at a hospital. Naturally, if staff salaries were raised facility costs would also go up. Other factors that also up the cost include insurance, food and building maintenance.

Assisted living facilities are a viable alternative for many who can’t cover the costs of a nursing home. Still, it’s worth noting that the level of care is less than that provided by a nursing home and family caregiving help may be required. The MetLife survey found that assisted living costs are also rising year to year, up 2 percent from 2011.

A slighter cheaper option — and one the senior needing care will likely prefer — is home care. A Genworth Cost of Care Survey found that the cost of in-home care is rising at a much slower pace than other options, reported CNN. Hiring a homemaker to assist an elderly parent or loved with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and transportation costs around $41,000 per year, a 1 percent increases from last year and just a 4 percent increase in five years. Home health aids are a little more expensive as they provide more comprehensive care such as bathing, grooming, medication management and more. Home health aides average about $45,000 a year, up just 5 percent from five years ago.

With nursing home care costs currently so high, it makes sense why home health aides are in such high demand — according to the Department of Labor it’s currently the fast growing field in the U.S. Even so, it’s best to consult with a care professional to determine what type of care best suits your loved one.

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