5 things every man should ask his doctor

home care omahaWe all know that most visits with the doctor are brief. With this being the case, it’s important to use your time wisely when the doctor is actually in the room. During that 10-15 minute window, both men and women should be prepared to ask pressing questions, the AARP’s Dorothy Foltz-Gray told the Huffington Post.

“In general, the most important advice from the doctors is to advocate for yourself — and to prepare for doctor appointments as you would for any important meeting,” she told the website.

Foltz-Gray goes on to focus on important questions that men over 50 should ask their doctors. Remember, advocating for oneself can be even more difficult for an elderly person already slowed down an array of ailments. So the same questions apply a senior man’s caregiver as well.

1. How often should I be screened for prostate cancer?

Recent studies suggest many men are being over-treated for prostrate cancer. Even so, doctors are looking for an elevated prostrate specific antigen (PSA). Foltz-Gray suggests talking with a doctor about how to best proceed if an elevated PSA is detected. This may mean repeated PSA tests every six months to keep a close eye on PSA levels.

2. How often should I have my blood pressure checked?

This should be part of a man’s yearly physical and include both blood pressure and cholesterol readings.

3. I think there’s something wrong with my sexual health. Any suggestions?

As uncomfortable as it may be, a patient should speak up about matters such as sexual health, as the more the doctor knows the better he or she can help.

4. I’m having trouble sleeping. What should I do?

Sleep apnea affects 18 million Americans, and more so men than women, according to the Center for Disease Control. Your doctor can offer suggestions to help, such as limiting caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and/or losing weight, etc.

5. Now that we’ve discussed my problems, what’s my diagnosis?

Don’t leave the doctor’s office feeling confused or scared about what could be wrong with you. Rather, press your doctor for the answers you desire. If the he or she doesn’t have a definitive answer, ask how you can get more information. Remember, the doctor is there to help.

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