Today’s post is part of our ongoing series, The Physicians Choice Way. Here, we’ll go over many of the steps involved in setting up a comprehensive care plan, which helps us to provide seniors and their families a complete understanding of the available care options and helps them maneuver through the challenges of the system.

For each new client, Physicians Choice Private Duty conducts a comprehensive in-home assessment. Part of this assessment asks for a client’s thorough medical history, including personal health and medication history and even a survey of a person’s current oral hygiene care, the latter of which we share below.

Assessment of Current Oral Hygiene Care

Current oral status: (Check one or both and circle appropriate description)

? Has natural teeth

? Has removable dentures  Upper Lower

Personal DOES/DOES NOT wear denture(s) (circle one)

Self-care ability (check one)

? Can do oral hygiene by self without reminding

? Needs reminding to do own oral hygiene

? Remembers but does not need assistance

? Needs remindng and assistance to complete oral hygiene

? Needs all oral hygiene done by a provider

? Needs palliative oral hygiene care

Brushing aid and frequency (natural teeth)

What type of brush is used? _______________

Frequency _______________

Flossing? YES  NO

Denture Care:

Cleaner  Solution  Brush

Mouth rinses:

Fluoride  Mouthwash  Salt Water

Saliva Stimulant

Artificial saliva  pill  sugar-free gum  other


A Patient’s Bill of Rights

Privacy/Policy Statement

Currently serving Omaha and surrounding areas, all Encompass services are directed by registered nurses or social workers with no long-term contracts. Contact us today for help with your senior care needs.

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