AARP’s online caregiver group a place for honest advice

We all know that caregiving can be extremely taxing on the mind and body if stress isn’t addressed and handled appropriately. That said, not everyone has a healthy outlet, let alone access to someone they can reach out to and discuss their experiences with, seeking honest feedback and advice.

That’s where online communities come in.

We’ve already discussed AARP’s excellent Caregiver Resource Center in a previous post. Today, we’ll dive a little deeper and examine the Caregivers Group Directory within the resource center. Here, real people gather to ask questions about and share their experiences with caregiving. The best part? They (usually) receive good, honest advice from people who can directly related to them and what they’re going through.


This group is for anyone who is a caregiver, past or present, who is taking care of anyone—or anyone who has anything to offer to caregivers. It is a place to talk, ask questions, let off steam…just anything you want and need to talk about.

The discussions are active on a number of topics like “Is anyone taking care of a spouse?” and “Lack of support from siblings for caregiving.”

To get started, you’ll have to register with AARP to create a new account (or you can sign in via Facebook) in order to post a topic or a reply to a thread. Otherwise, you can freely browse the various boards and take it all in from an outsider’s perspective. Regardless, it’s good to know there’re people out there who are going through the same stresses you are.

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