Signs of senior stress

Signs of senior stressNo matter your age, stress is a part of life, even in Omaha, NE, home of the Good Life. For seniors, stress can be especially taxing and harder to overcome, as many new contributing factors are in play such as the loss of a spouse and suddenly living alone or the frustration that surrounds dealing with new physical and/or medical limitations.

As a caregiver, knowing the signs of senior stress will allow you to better help your elderly loved one.

    • Isolation. Seniors who isolate themselves from friends, family and other social situations may suffer from overwhelming stress.
    • Physical signs. Identifying factors include body aches/pains, longer episodes of illness and changes in sleeping patterns.
    • Forgetfulness. Memory and concentration issues which are abnormal or lead to your elderly loved one making bad judgments may be rooted in stress.
    • Mood swings. Sudden shifts in mood — as well as noticeable sadness, depression and increased irritability — may be caused by stress
    • Eating habits. Overeating or loss of appetite are both telling signs that a person is stressed.

Stress management

However severe stress can be, there are steps the elderly can take to properly manage it, including:

  • Socializing. Family and friends offer a strong support network as well as an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.
  • Staying mentally active. Mental exercises such as meditation or other methods of sharp mental focus (e.g., crossword puzzles) help keep the mind healthy and in turn can reduce stress.
  • Getting enough sleep. Sleeping is a time for the mind and body to recharge. Helping ensure your loved one is sleeping properly will greatly benefit their overall health, and greatly reduce their stress.

Are there any other tips you’ve found to help reduce senior stress? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments.

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