7 priceless gifts for seniors this holiday

7 priceless gifts for seniors this holiday

7 priceless gifts for seniors this holiday

7 priceless gifts for seniors this holidayIt’s true that the best things in life are free. During the holidays it can be just as important to spend time with your elderly loved ones as it can be to give gifts. Here’s a list of things that you can give the senior in your life that don’t cost a thing and will be more cherished to them than knickknacks.

1. Continue traditional meals: Every family has its signature dishes and it can be important for the cook to pass on this knowledge. When your elderly loved one becomes unable to cook the traditional holiday meal, offer a hand and teach younger generations in your family.

2. Share memories: Break out the old photo books and even your old home movies. Conversation and remembering fond times, along with laughter, can be great ways to raise the spirits. This is also a way to reinforce family history and instill it in younger generations. Consider taping these shared memories either on a tape recorder or video camera in order to preserve them.

3. Write holiday cards together: Sometimes with age arthritis can make writing by hand a chore. Help your elderly mother write and address holiday cards. The gesture will mean a lot to her.

4. Arrange a family photo: It’s great to share updated portraits with your mother as your children age. She’ll likely display them proudly in her home and look at them often.

5. Demonstrate connection technology: Long distances can separate families as children grow into adults and form their own families. If your mother has a long-distance relationship with your daughter, outlets such as Skype and Google + can be a great way to connect the rest of the year. They will require access to a computer and the internet, and of course a webcam.

6. Decorate together: It can be hard for seniors to decorate the house, but even doing simple things like hanging ornaments together can brighten spirits.

7. Hugs!

Are there any other gifts you like to give? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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